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Nations and investments are shutting down. Many people are out of job, some locked up at home and some moving around to hustle daily bread. We promise you this is an online business that will surely put an everlasting smile on your face and save you from financial burden. We will always remain here with you especially now you need us the most as you also remain with us, because we need each other to keep the system running. All you have to do is invest and get returns with 50% interest in 3 days, and we promise to keep to our words and you will never regret it.

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Automated System

The system is super automated. AT investing(PH) and at withdrawing money(GH) , all are system automated. .


with our SSL security and other internally embedded security features, your investment with us is safe and secure


Our core values are transparency, dedication and honesty which brings us distinction.


Our mission is to restore hopes in the P2P industry..


Our compensation is about the best in the industry. Whooping 50% return on investment in just 3 days.

24/7 Support

We respond to your enquiries and resolution of disputes if any, 24/7, through our dedicated staff,live chat, SMS, and email.

Faq Question

It is a peer to peer investment platform using Nigeria Naira to transact.

A Supervisor is a member who has referred at least 15 active users that has made at least one investment each

Yes, multiple accounts is allowed with same name but different phone number, email address and bank details.

This is a commitment fee of ₦1000 to be paid directly to your Supervisor to show you are ready for business.

We have our packages as follows; ₦5,000, ₦10,000, ₦20,000, ₦50,000 and ₦100,000.

You make 5% of invested amount from your downlines, withdrawable at ₦10,000.

It will be available on your dashboard after your first investment.

Your continuous referal bonus is upgraded to 10%.

Support Team is available 24/7.

Support Team will block your account immediately.

Yes, after each complete withdrawal as it's a way to prove the system is reliable and to keep it running.


💧50% ROI in 3 DAYS(72HRS).
💧PACKAGES ₦5000, ₦10,000, ₦20,000, ₦50,000 and ₦100,000.
💧Activation fee of ₦1000 to be paid directly to your supervisor on your dashboard.
💧100% Recommitment Policy.
💧Continuous 5% referral bonus from downlines which is withdrawal at ₦10,000.
💧12hrs payment window.
💧Countdown on GH starts immediately your payment is confirmed.
💧Refer up to 15 members and be upgraded to supervisor status to enjoy 10% Continuous referal bonus after your downlines have completed at least one investment.
💧Reactivation fee for defaulters is ₦3,000.


free yourself from the world of greedy and selfish monopolies promoted by the world leading paper money systems that tie us in debt and poverty.


We have Flexible packages designed for you which you can pick from. simply LOGIN or REGISTER to pick any package that suit you

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